2024 SHE IS WILD Alberta Medicine Marketplace

Rochelle McFarlane The Energetic Brew

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Rochelle McFarlane is a Cosmic Translator and Medicine Woman here to help you claim your whole-beingness through the lens of The Energetic Brew, the recipe of you.

She uses kinesiology, astrology, numerology and energy medicine to support your Awakening to Whole-Being Wellness.

You can follow her on social media for her weekly forecast @theenergeticbrew

She is super excited to come alongside the SHE IS WILD Creatrix Colleen as the MC of the Fest to support the Healed Sisterhood Culture and offer medicine energy sessions.


Leah Hyatt – Mystic Mana


Bringing you ethically-sourced, beautiful, affordable crystals of all kinds.




Kyla – Sage Stone Malas

Hand crafted meditation tools

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Niqua – Nostalgic Reveur

Clothing, jewelry, and accessories from reclaimed materials.

Reclaimed materials handcrafted into one-of-a-kind fashion and adornment.

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Jen Moonflower – ZumGarden

Microdoses, Nootropics, Functional Mushrooms, Elixir Blends, Chocolate Bars, Adaptogenic SuperHerbs

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Rose – Wise Women Traditions

Herbs 4 hormones (tea), herbal smokes, bath soaks, salves, tinctures.

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Kristi McLeod – SomaSkye Wellness

Subconscious Imprinting Technique (SIT)]

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Shelly Joy – Harmonzing Whispers

Book On Site @ the Fest



Ashley Klassen – Rising Roots

Reiki/shamanic Healings, crystal chakra rebalancing, hair feathers, and tinsel!

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Bodhi – Love Light and Beyond

Tarot readings, Spiritual counseling

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Lux- House of Origins Apothecary

1-on-1 Crystal and Reiki healing sessions during the events, available in 30-minute or full-hour slots.
30min crystal and reiki session 60$
60min crystal and reiki session 100$
Step into a realm of holistic harmony with our crystal healing sessions, infused with the gentle power of Reiki. Picture yourself immersed in the serenity of nature, as Mother Earth herself cradles you in her embrace. In these transformative sessions, I’ll assess your chakras and carefully lay out crystals to restore balance to your body, mind, and spirit.
Experience the magic of connecting with the earth’s energy as you unwind and aid in your healing journey amidst the festival atmosphere. during your 30-minute session, each moment promises profound relaxation and renewal.
Embrace this opportunity to harmonize your being and bask in the enchantment of nature’s healing touch.

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Ashley  – Aikyam Alchemy

Goddess/Divine Feminine inspired pottery, crystal plant wands, crystal topped ceremonial candles.

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Thermaculture Nordic Spa Experience

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An awesome selection of SHE IS WILD wear to commemorate your fest experience and embody your wild women everyday!

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Wild Culinary Collective

Using ethically and locally sourced ingredients featuring foraged wild boreal abundance. 

Purchase meal tickets through the ticket link on Eventbrite. in the Add-Ons section.