SHE IS WILD AB - Facilitators

A bow of gratitude to these incredible women for saying YES to co-creating the 2024 AB fest with us! Magic happens when women gather! Let us RISE together!

Colleen Reid

Colleen Reid is the creatrix of Wild Wellness and SHE IS WILD FEST. Her mission in her work is to liberate those who feel small and lost in the overwhelm of societal pressures. Supporting those she works with to remember who they are at their core and live in freedom, joy and peace.

Colleen is a shamanic practitioner and leads a 6-month Mystery School through the teachings of the Wheel Of Life. This transformative mentorship is a shamanic map guiding the initiate into their healed state. It is a remembering of the sacred within and all around, connecting one to their guides, their ancestors and the lineage of medicine people that have walked before us.  She also hosts monthly gatherings, yearly retreats, online gatherings and one-on- one healing sessions.

Colleen is most at home in the wildest of places, on the peak of a mountain or lying on the forest floor. She is a mother to 2 wild boys and a partner to her sacred masculine love. Her little family lives in a converted school bus with their dog on Gabriola Island.

Angie Clark

Angie Clark is a trauma-informed movement and breath facilitator and entrepreneur from Edmonton, AB. Shortly after leaving her job as a cruise ship dancer in 2008, Angie was introduced to yoga and fell in love with the practice. In 2015, she quit her 9-5 job to pursue a 200 Hour RYT Tantra Yoga and Shamanism training in Ecuador. This is where she experienced her first moment of awakening, which inspired her to continue the newfound journey of self-discovery. Since then, she has devoutly expanded her practice and education, both at home and abroad.

Angie finds great joy in creating different styles of classes and experiences to help students of all skill levels dive deeper into their bodies and emotions. Angie facilitates from her intuition while focusing on the crucial connection between mind, body and soul. This approach allows her to become a witness to her student’s breakthroughs and also her own.

@YEGYOGI @themovementyeg

Kelsey Dalziel

I’m Kelsey Dalziel, a soul coach, intuitive medium, and channeler with a passion for helping others tap into their inner wisdom and intuition. I’ve spent years honing my skills as a channeler, allowing me to connect with higher realms and pass on messages to my clients. My approach is compassionate, and I have a deep understanding of the human experience. I’ve helped many people navigate life’s challenges, gain clarity on their life purpose, and achieve their goals and aspirations. I started my spiritual journey as a teenager when I knew deep down there was WAY more to his life than meets the eye. I was keenly aware of subtle energies everywhere I looked and at eat age of 19 I was practicing Reiki and reading Tarot cards, fully immersed in the metaphysical world, soaking up spiritual teachings of ancient scripts and modern tv mediums alike. In my early twenties I met a cute boy with a six pack and frosted tips and put my passion for the spirit world on hold while we created our family and it was not long before I found myself in a deep depression, longing for ‘something more’. The day I hit my knees and asked the Universe to save me is the day, through divine timing and serendipitous events, I found my way back to my passion for spirit and have made it my mission to connect women who are searching for deeper meaning in their lives to the most important spirit in the room – their own. Over the last decade I have practiced mediumship professionally -where I connect my clients two their loved ones in spirit – and have expanded my services to include coaching for the soul – diving deep with women who are ready to do the soul work necessary to become the spiritual leader of their own life whether they are looking for a calmer existence, a deeper sense of purpose or are ready to start their own spiritual business.

@kelseydalziel @elseydalzielsoulcoach

Dianne Doyle-Lynch

Dianne Doyle-Lynch is the creatrix of Blue Moon Healing & Wellness, where she has been holding space of healing for over twenty years as an Osteopathic Practitioner, Wild Moon Woman Retreat leader and Certified Firewalk Instructor where she welcomes the flame as a teacher of Tranformation and Rebirth.

As a Womb Portal keeper, she holds healing space to clear ancestral wounds before conception, as well as sealing the void after birth to protect the mother’s sacred space. You can often find her gathering in circle with other women or howling in the moonlight with her three wildlings.


Andrea Kimberley

Meet Andrea: A Visual Art Creator and Teacher of Emotional Integration Since 2018, Andrea has been hosting workshops on emotional integration through art, using various mediums to teach people how to use art for self-expression, personal discovery, and community connection. Art has been a transformative tool for Andrea, and she encourages those who are self-resourceful, sovereign, and willing to embrace the unknown to join her on this journey of deep, soulful transformation. By setting an intentional and playful container, Andrea believes that art can be a powerful tool for healing. As an artist and experiential learning facilitator, Andrea sees creativity as the guru and herself as the tour guide.

@livingtreecreative  @livingtreecreations


Electric Leopard

Electric Leopard is a Dj, event and music producer and facilitator of somatic vitality practices.  She is co-founder of Vibestown Festival (, a community gathering that focuses on creativity, music and well being.  She sees music as medicine, with the power to uplift, shift, and return us to our original state as blissful beings.  She also tours with the musical collaboration, Cedar Roots. 


Nicole Rose

Nicole Rose | Radiant Soul Soul Embodiment Guide, Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, Creation Coach
Nicole Rose is passionate about authentic self expression! As a Soul Embodiment Guide – she helps her clients connect to, embody and express more of who they truly are in the world! Nicole guides her clients to deepen their connection to their body & heart, activate their inner fire and create the life they truly desire to live – breaking it all down into small, actionable and practical steps.
Nicole now operates the Radiant Soul brand, offering trauma-informed and transformational ceremonies, workshops, ecstatic dance events, retreats and even music festivals – as well as supporting her clients to consciously create their life in her 1:1 coaching containers. She is a resident DJ at Dance Temple Edmonton and is a certified Transformational Journey Facilitator and Elemental Wisdom Keeper, weaving in teachings from Gaia and all the elements into everything she shares.

@_radiantsoulnicole @Radiant Soul Nicole


Rose Hebert

Rose Pearl Coaching

I am a certified trauma-informed breathwork facilitator and spiritual life coach who is dedicated to helping women connect deeply with their true selves, access and build a relationship with their intuition, reduce stress and anxiety, and live with more joy. Breathwork changed my life and now it’s my mission to share this magic with women everywhere.


Kristi McLeod

I’m an Intuitive Practitioner focused on resolving trauma and bringing a felt sense of safety to the body. I am a facilitator of the Subconscious Imprinting Practitioner Training and my mission is to help fellow Intuitive Practitioners (& your clients) become Emotionally, Energetically & Somatically Regulated. I’m a Reiki Master, a Licensed SIT Facilitator, Wife to a Wife, self-proclaimed epic chef, and lover of Nervous System Regulation. And I am here to help shift the paradigm of how wellness is viewed.

…AND it wasn’t always this way

Like many Healers, I got into this industry through a lot of pain and NEEDING to heal myself.

In 2010, after years of navigating debilitating depression symptoms, while the docs tried to find out which med would numb me in just the right way, I realized the issue with these meds was not only did they numb the pain but they also numbed any sense of feeling good.

I literally felt numb to life and knew I couldn’t continue on the medicated path.

I have come to realize that all of the diagnoses I received were all due to symptoms of nervous system dysregulation (Caused by unresolved trauma).

They ALL came down to not feeling safe in my body and being.

All of the mind-numbing meds I was put on were not actually addressing the ROOT of the issue.

So, what else could be possible if we addressed the ROOT and the dysregulation rather than putting a band aid on the symptoms!?

THIS is why I am so proud to share Subconscious Imprinting Technique (SIT) with the world, to regulate the systems of other Practitioners, and shift the way healing is viewed.

I offer 1:1 work, group sessions and group programs and have also just launched The Holistic Collective: the networking group that ACTUALLY grows you. This will provide a space for Holistic Entrepreneurs and Practitioners in Calgary to nourish their mind, body, soul AND biz within a like-minded community.


Kyra Newton

Kyra Newton is a Somatic Practitioner, Dance Artist, and Nature Mystic. She was the last artistic director of a Disability Dance company called Momo Movement, the co-creator of YYC Contemporary Technique, the Creator of Blissful Dance (an accessible dance company for people who are disabled), recreational therapist for the elderly, and the creator of Embodied Woman, her current business venture. Kyra believes in the power of meeting oneself exactly where you’re at with compassion and curiosity. Kyra’s practice amalgamates a plethora of dance pedagogies and somatic healing from around the world. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance and Sociology, with certifications in Somatic Attachment Therapy, Inner Journeys Dance, Equity in the Arts, AXIS Dance, Somatic Experiencing, and DanceAbility. As the founder of Embodied Woman she supports Women to resolve their trauma gently one on one, in 1-day retreats, and group programs. She brings Women together to learn about nervous system health, trauma resolution, and to connect in the power of sisterhood. Kyra’s practice is deeply rooted in her belief that we are here to live in reciprocity with all parts of ourselves, other beings, and Mother Earth.



Rebecca Leigh

A certified Reiki Master, Biofield Tuning practitioner, Soundbath Facilitator, Spiritual mentor, and all around magickal being, Rebecca invites you into her world! A student of life and sister in Light. Her soundbaths are unlike any you have ever experienced before, taking you on a deeply healing journey into your own soul. Utilizing the frequencies and vibrations of her beautiful crystal singing bowls she carries your consciousness into a relaxing theta state where you get to go on an adventure to unlock hidden aspects of self. Strip away all that you are not. Remember all that you are. And level up your sound experience with Rebecca! It is her honour to offer this beautiful medicine, shining her light through sound.


Leila Neverland

Christa discovered kundalini yoga through an alternative mental health support group over 15 years ago. After years of struggling with the Western medical system, she found a community and mentor that taught her that most of the disconnection and emotional dysregulation she had suffered through could be improved with spirituality- specifically kundalini yoga. Christa found that the use of these ancient techniques was more helpful than anything Western medicine had tried. She hopes to bring healing and awareness to others with this practice of movement, breath, and chanting.


Rochelle McFarlane

 Rochelle McFarlane is a Cosmic Translator and Medicine Woman here to help you claim your whole-beingness through the lens of The Energetic Brew, the recipe of you. She uses kinesiology, astrology, numerology and energy medicine to support your Awakening to Whole-Being Wellness. You can follow her on social media for her weekly forecast @theenergeticbrew.

She is super excited to come alongside The SHE IS WILD Creatrix Colleen as the MC of the fest to support the Healed Sisterhood Culture and offer medicine energy sessions!

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