Meet The Facilitators

Colleen Reid

Colleen Reid is the creatrix of Wild Wellness and SHE IS WILD FEST. Her mission in her work is to liberate those who feel small and lost in the overwhelm of societal pressures. Supporting those she works with to remember who they are at their core and live in freedom, joy and peace.

Colleen is a shamanic practitioner and leads a 6-month Mystery School through the teachings of the Wheel Of Life. This transformative mentorship is a shamanic map guiding the initiate into their healed state. It is a remembering of the sacred within and all around, connecting one to their guides, their ancestors and the lineage of medicine people that have walked before us.  She also hosts monthly gatherings, yearly retreats, online gatherings and one-on- one healing sessions.

Colleen is most at home in the wildest of places, on the peak of a mountain or lying on the forest floor. She is a mother to 2 wild boys and a partner to her sacred masculine love. Her little family lives in a converted school bus with their dog on Gabriola Island.

Leila Neverland

Join artist Leila Neverland as she guides a quest into the physical, mental, and spiritual nature and function of our voices. Develop confidence for public speaking, daily communication, and singing through a series of exercises and ceremony. Know your voice, as you never have before.

Kyra Newton

Kyra Newton is a Somatic Practitioner, Dance Artist, and Nature Mystic. She believes in the power of meeting yourself exactly where you’re at with compassion and curiosity. Kyra’s practice amalgamates dance and somatic healing. She holds a BFA in contemporary dance and sociology, with certifications in Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Attachment Therapy, Inner Journeys Dance, AXIS Dance, and DanceAbility. She is the founder of Embodied Woman where she supports Women to resolve their trauma gently one-on-one, and in group programs. She adores bringing Women together to reclaim their power, connect authentically, and experience being nurtured. Kyra’s practice is deeply rooted in her belief that we are here to live in reciprocity with all parts of ourselves, other beings, and Mother Earth.


Shae Savage

Shae is a Kundalini Priestess and curator of magical ceremonies. Weaving ancestral earth medicine practices, bodily wisdom and kundalini activations you come home to your Wild and Wise self.

Brittany Uchach

I am a passionate, energetic person who loves learning how to optimize the body. I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 18 years. My passion has been working with clients who have chronic pain to help restore movement and vitality in their lives. Recently my journey has led me to becoming a psychosomatic therapist, and start a mentorship with the Human Garage as a fascial maneuver coach. These last few years have provided me with the missing pieces to truly teach others how create an environment that allows their bodies to heal by releasing emotional and physical pain. Through Fascial maneuvers and movement I empower people to take the power back into their own hands and heal themselves. You don’t have to suffer alone and you don’t have to heal alone.

Rochelle McFarlane

She is the co-founder of ESP Wellness Learning Centre & The Energetic Brew.
She’s an Energetic Medicine Woman, certified International Kinesiology College Instructor, a drum maker, an International best selling author and a sought after wellness speaker.
For the last 25 years she has formulated a system that helps activate your whole-being wellness through Engaged Sacred Play.
She’s a passionate playful mother of 4 homeschooled children and a wife of 21 years When she’s not working with clients or recording episodes for The Energetic Brew Podcast you will find her drumming in the mountains honoring the Cosmos, Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Sun & Mother Gaia.

Sakura Rose

Sakura Rose is a ceremonialist, Womb Guide and Feminine Embodiment coach. She is devoted to assisting others in their sacred transformations. Sakura is a past business coach, industrial designer and world-renowned entrepreneur that pivoted to delve deep within the mystery teachings of the divine feminine to heal trauma imprints within her womb. She has been dedicated to deepening in womb wisdom, healing and reclamation. Sakura facilitates Red Tent ceremonies and is a practitioner working with the medicines of kambo, flower and gem essences and herbalism and is the founder of Divinity Rising and co-creatrix of Red Tent Mystery School.