SHE IS WILD BC - Facilitators

We shower gratitude over these incredible women for saying YES to co-creating the 2024 BC fest with us! Magic happens when women gather! Let us RISE together!

Colleen Reid

Colleen Reid is the creatrix of Wild Wellness and SHE IS WILD FEST. Her mission in her work is to liberate those who feel small and lost in the overwhelm of societal pressures. Supporting those she works with to remember who they are at their core and live in freedom, joy and peace.

Colleen is a shamanic practitioner and leads a 6-month Mystery School through the teachings of the Wheel Of Life. This transformative mentorship is a shamanic map guiding the initiate into their healed state. It is a remembering of the sacred within and all around, connecting one to their guides, their ancestors and the lineage of medicine people that have walked before us.  She also hosts monthly gatherings, yearly retreats, online gatherings and one-on- one healing sessions.

Colleen is most at home in the wildest of places, on the peak of a mountain or lying on the forest floor. She is a mother to 2 wild boys and a partner to her sacred masculine love. Her little family lives in a converted school bus with their dog on Gabriola Island.

Theda Phoenix

Theda Phoenix is an accomplished  BC born and raised singer-songwriter and professional sound healer, whose captivating performances have garnered a devoted following over the course of her music career. Her music is an enchanting fusion of styles, ranging from the meditative sounds of crystal singing bowls and ethereal vocals, to the eco-folk, inspirational songs she sings with guitar. Theda’s dynamic voice is both angelic and soulfully deep, conveying a genuine love of life and a passion for human connection and healing. Her unique sound is deeply influenced by nature, a reflection of her upbringing on the majestic BC coast. Theda has released 5 studio albums.

Jada Fire Kalika

Jada Fire, Dakshina Kalika is the founder and creative sovereign of Wolf Kin & the Rainbow Wolf Sanctuary, a primordial mystery school in the interior forest of BC.

She brings you a vast and eclectic array of healing arts modalities and inspiration. Her passion is in intertwining sensuality with spirituality and alchemizing the denser energies we carry into luminous gold. Dance, breathe, shed, reclaim, discover!

Ella Dawn

I am Ella Dawn—An energetic healer, soul coach, and alchemist of resilience; having transcended the confines of a religious cult, battled inner demons of addiction, and navigated the storms of single parenthood. These trials have humbled me but ignited a heart of service. With a Master level of Reiki in the Usui Shiki Ryoho method, certifications in Crystal Healing, and roots in Shamanism, I’ve refined my intuitive prowess and natural healing talents. Through Systematic Theology studies, I discovered the magic of God and Jesus Christ, enhancing my acceptance of all beliefs, unearthing universal truth, and empowering me to reclaim my sovereign strength. Now, I share the profound wisdom of my journey through transformative treatments, offerings, and soul-stirring events, weaving a tapestry of healing for all who join me on this path.

Tamara Lee

Tamara is momma to an adventurous little wildling and a reclaimer of reconnection to our inner wilderness with her companies Wild Breath and Wild Sky Sisters – an ancestral-based astrology business. She holds degrees in Business and International Development and has worked with organizations in Africa, Asia and Central America. After a beautiful chapter of her career in the non-profit world, she chose to start two spirit Centered businesses that support personal empowerment and coming home. She also works as a Metaphysical Minister holding space for others through pivotal life transitions – like getting married or passing to the next realm. Her calling is working with all humans in the wholeness and holiness that we are – which includes honouring the entire range of our human experience.


Melonie Kolton

Melonie, a multifaceted healer and guide, skillfully intertwines ancient wisdom with modern practices, drawing from her indigenous roots to empower individuals on their healing journey. With a rich background as a Plant Medicine Facilitator, Tantric teacher, and certified somatic and trauma practitioner, she serves as a beacon of transformation and self-discovery. Melonie deeply values the connection between nature and spirituality, creating nurturing environments where individuals forge profound bonds with sacred plant medicines. Beyond ceremonies, she offers ongoing guidance and support for the integration process, ensuring healing extends into everyday life. Rooted in indigenous traditions, Melonie places a strong emphasis on decolonization, guiding individuals to reclaim their authentic selves and cultural heritage. Specializing in empowering women, she activates the womb space, assisting in releasing trauma and reclaiming feminine power. In her sacred sisterhood space, Melonie facilitates the transmutation and healing of conditioned beliefs and traumas related to sensuality and sexuality, fostering empowerment and authenticity. Her mission is to support “next level women” in cultivating a more aligned and intimate relationship with themselves and the divine feminine essence within, all within the context of decolonization and cultural reclamation.


Living in the beautiful West Coast of BC, Canada, Blenda grew up in Vancouver listening to old school hip hop and rnb music.  Seduced by the sounds of an 808 baseline, she knew that Dj’ing was in her future. Blenda got her start at the infamous dollhouse – a Vancouver based, burlesque inspired after hours.  She loves anything slow, sexy and deep.  Blenda is a resident DJ at the Keefer Bar, hosting “Honey Pot” Sunday’s with partner in crime Dj Cherry On Top.


Nicole Andrea (Oshia)

Nicole is a Master Alchemical facilitator, Certified Akashic record reader, Temple Body Artist/Mentor/Priestess, Womb Priestess, Multidimensional Goddess Channel, Certified Crystal and Reiki practitioner, Speaker and Dance artist.  Her lineage comes from the islands of Antigua/Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, and the countries of England and Canada.  

For over 25 years Nicole has dedicated her life to the arts, wellness, and empowerment. Nicole has studied in Health and embodiment coaching, Womb Wellness, Spirituality, Divine feminine and Goddess arts, Intuitive channeling, somatic movement, energy modalities (Reiki, Crystal therapy). She has performed nationally in Canada and Internationally in places such as New York and Trinidad and Tobago; continues to hold space and has currently facilitated movement experiences with over 100,000 + humans. 

Through her own journey with the removal of 10 massive fibroids; began a path of developing practices and systems that support womxn in finding liberation through their wombs. Nicole stands for the disruption of the systems that try to disempower the connection to the most intimate part of our bodies that has been built on the foundation of racism and trauma! Through this deep initiation Nicole has birthed The Goddess Moves, a sacred space for womxn and womb Carriers who say YES to Embodied Multifaceted Self Mastery. 

This is a revolution that brings transformation from the womb to owning one’s rooted power, clarity in the voice, juicy pleasure, and magnetic embodiment

Devoted to ushering in a new Liberation!

Jody Phoenix

Jody is a Sacred Space Holder who facilitates empowering and healing based gatherings, events and Circles designed for nurturing deep alchemy; connection; release and heart-opening to shepherd people towards a remembering of their true selves.

Along the path of her own heroine’s journey, sparked by a stillbirth and cancer diagnosis, Jody is being divinely guided along an illuminated path of inspired action and authentic self expression. The gifts she received bundled in these hard things led her to her Calling where she was moved to support others along their own personal quests of letting-go and healing and fostering experiences to aid people along their personal journeys of self exploration and re-connection.

Jody, a mom of two, is an up and becoming Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and is a Certified Spiritus Breath Work Facilitator and Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She has a degree in Women’s Studies and almost 20 years experience in the Social Work field working predominantly with and for women.


Kristina Stauffer

Kristina is a Certified Holistic Coach & Somatic Embodiment Practitioner. Kristina’s work with women began over a decade ago as a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. Kristina’s own journey to reconnection has been far from smooth, living in and out of active addiction and a high risk lifestyle that led to self sabotage and self limiting beliefs for most of her life. Throughout this time Kristina often lost sight of her inner truth and lost connection to the wisdom her body held to heal. It has been through her own recovery that she has learned how to reconnect to that divine truth and the wisdom that her body held to move beyond her visceral memories of trauma held in her body and live a life of connection, authenticity and alignment. She now works with women to help them reconnect to their own divine wisdom through coaching, teaching and life changing retreats on Vancouver Island. She believes deeply in our ability to heal ourselves by reconnecting to the truth of who we are beyond the stories of our conditioning that are being held both collectively and uniquely within our own nervous systems. Through the somatic experience of gently guided breathwork and meditation practices Kristina invites women to meet themselves where they are at while learning how to honor and trust their mind, body and spirit. Within these powerful yet subtle practices the body does the work of releasing the stories of the past by letting the ghosts of the old versions of ourselves transform into new expanded energy that allows for our light and dark to alchemize. Though Kristina is known as a strong woman for overcoming the many obstacles in her life so far, it is through the softness of the feminine that she is able to show women where their truest essence and strength resides. Kristina is a yoga teacher, coach, business woman, published author and embodiment practitioner who lives on Vancouver Island with her husband, two sons, many chickens and dogs. Aside from teaching, coaching and creating she loves cooking, being in nature and writing.

Karlee Rose Welder

Karlee Rose serves as a Spiritual Facilitator, Sound & Energy Healer, Intuitive Soul Coach, and Community Connector. Her primary focus lies in community building and empowering individuals to take charge of their healing journeys. Karlee offers personalized one-on-one sessions, comprehensive programs, engaging events, and transformative retreats. Her contributions have gained recognition, including a feature in Women in Business magazine that highlights accomplished women in the Central Okanagan. Additionally, she has achieved the status of a #1 best-selling author as part of a collaborative book titled Aligned Leaders.

Leila Neverland

Join artist Leila Neverland as she guides a quest into the physical, mental, and spiritual nature and function of our voices. Develop confidence for public speaking, daily communication, and singing through a series of exercises and ceremony. Know your voice, as you never have before.

Kyli & Kendall

My name is Kyli Hope, Owner of Hopes Healing and Coaching. I am a Certified Holy Fire III Reiki Master/ Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Healer & a mom of 2 beautiful daughters. I specialize in emotional healing and regulation from generational trauma in mothers who are looking to Leave a legacy of emotional & spiritual wealth behind for their children. I use the magic power of reiki, my intuitive gifts, and spiritual guidance to help women work through emotional & spiritual blocks and get to the root by feeling, healing and releasing.
Kendall Gourlay CCHT, and CYT is a certified hypnotherapist and regressionist, certified yoga teacher & soon to be women’s counseling services. Kendall’s passion is helping women & mothers heal from their self limiting beliefs and conditioning by using the body and the mind so that they can feel empowered and supported.

Rochelle McFarlane

 Rochelle McFarlane is a Cosmic Translator and Medicine Woman here to help you claim your whole-beingness through the lens of The Energetic Brew, the recipe of you. She uses kinesiology, astrology, numerology and energy medicine to support your Awakening to Whole-Being Wellness. You can follow her on social media for her weekly forecast @theenergeticbrew.

She is super excited to come alongside The SHE IS WILD Creatrix Colleen as the MC of the fest to support the Healed Sisterhood Culture and offer medicine energy sessions!

Book a session in the vendor’s section. (coming soon)