Meet The Creatrix

Hey sister, my name’s Colleen Reid and I’d love to share a bit of my story with you.

5 years ago I was attending the Women’s Holistic Business Conference, hosted by Elizabeth Beads while feeling at the edge of a creative breakthrough. Inspired and ready to say YES to my soul’s service, I was calling it in… and then it landed, create a women’s festival!

My life’s journey has walked me through sexual trauma, being labelled the grade 12 bitch for holding boundaries, having very few female friends due to a deeply cut sister wound, a 15 year battle with bulimia, a divorce, and more. I am a mama to two boys, both arriving through emergency c-section after two attempted home births, and a mama to 2 spirit babies.

When we walk the sacred path our wounds become our medicine and we have an opportunity to gift this gold to our people. This is how I choose to lead today. From a place of experience, integrity, and with service at the centre.

Through my work with the mystery school teaching of the Wheel Of Life, the archetype of wild woman and my deep rooted connection to the earth and my guides, I’ve reclaimed my wholeness, found my voice and said YES to my original medicine.

I created SHE IS WILD FEST to be a safe container for all feminine bodies, so that they can remember their wild essence and rise along side me. My prayer and intention is that this festival reminds women what it means to be in sacred sisterhood, that it shows them the way to empowerment and purpose, that it becomes a beacon of love and remembering for all.

When we choose to show up for ourselves and say yes to our highest, it ripples inspiration and permission to do the same into our families, communities and beyond.

I see you sister, rise with me!

I now run a SHE IS WILD in both BC, Alberta and online. I teach the Wheel Of Life mentorship and shamanic initiation in both BC and Alberta. And, I host local circles and retreats in my community and beyond. If you want to find out more about my work and my offerings follow the link through the button below.


Colleen Reid

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